Monday, May 10, 2010

soaking it up like a sponge

unfortunately for my marketing and creative industries assignment, i'm feeling far too creative tonight to be able to give them another thought. Maybe later.

First, however, I'm redecorating my most important piece of wall space, soaking up SPOOK magazine, which I purchased this afternoon, and maybe some Vanity Fair.

For those of you wondering why a piece of wall can be deemed as more important than other similiar spaces, it is because this is the piece of wall i spend most time staring at as it is the wall that surrounds my desk. Thus, I spend countless minutes which accumlate into hours, staring at it, so I want something good to for my imagination to bounce off.

I'm taking everything down, even little scraps of blue tack, so i have a nice blank canvas, then i'm going to do a drawing of how i want it to look roughly, then i'll go nuts.

Before i forget, here is my craptastic film for uni:

With any luck, the next film I make will be out of want rather than requirement, and will be much better.

In other news, after deciding that my business degree is crushing my soul, but that doing an Arts degree wouldn't work out, as post-uni I will want to eat and therefore need a job, I'm going to pick up extra electives next year.
I'll have more subjects then I'm meant to, but I feel like I'm not engaging in what I'm learning right now, and uni should be the best opportunity to do something that actually interests you. I don't see the point in going to uni and just meeting the requirements; it's awfully shortsighted.
The subjects I want to do are

x Fashion History subject,
x an English Lit subject ( probably 20th C)
x human rights/international relations
x a psych subject
x a language ( Spanish).

I want to be a well-soaked sponge.

Finally, my friend Leah has recently been to San Francisco (!!!) and I am incredibly jealous, so with her permission I'll use some of her own photos of the city itself next time.

next post: why i'm excited about winter fashion for a change...

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