Thursday, May 13, 2010

fairy toast

Not to be confused with fairy bread, Fairy Toast is what I call sugar&cinnamon on toast. It's never going to be a health food, but I like to promote it's single health benefit, that cinnamon is good for the metabolism. Thus, it's almost a health food.
Moving along before you dwell on my shamelessly patchy logic any longer...

Photo Credit: The Lily Land Chronicles

I am still in love with The Cool Hunter, particularly the Food Section.
I actually had a dream last night I visited some of the places I was looking at on the site yesterday afternoon. My favourite is of a french patisserie, that is possibly the coolest patisserie on earth. Not even kidding. I present, Le Patisserie des Reves...

Photo Credit: The Cool Hunter

It's meant to look like a patisserie laboratory. Each dish is displayed in the centre of the shop, where customers can choose which they'd like, to then be prepared fresh from the kitchen.

Look under Food, Bars and Offices for some really cool photos. My other unlikely favourite is this first-class butcher shop.

Victor Churchill, Sydney.
Photo Credit: The Cool Hunter

Who would have thought a butcher shop could have looked so good?

The wall project has grown to encompass all the walls in my room, and in fact my room itself. I kind of had a lot of photos printed at the kodak booth, since they were 38c each, so i need a fair bit of wall.

This brings me to something that I started writing about the other day, Toby Selby basically goes around takes photos of creative people in their creative spaces (formerly known as homes). I was writing about what great inspiration this would be, and that when I eventually move out, I'm going to be looking to the people of The Selby for inspiration. In particular, I like the homes from Brooklyn and from Paris, so I was thinking of aiming for a Brooklyn-Parisian lovechild of an interior.

But um, probably nowhere near as cool.

Then, as it so happened, my Wall Project blossomed into a Room Project, so I'm going to decorate my room with the aforementioned Brooklyn-Parisian hybrid. Or, at least take inspiration from there.

As much as IKEA, second hand stores and my own handiwork will allow.

I'm thinking mostly Parisian inspired, apart from the desk space, which will hopefully take more hints from Brooklyn.

I've also decided to redecorate the living room, which looks more Mexican-Renaissance Europe-Art Deco at the moment (ie. absolute mishmash). That will probably change, although I think because of the basic pieces and wall paint, it will probably have that same vein.

Photo Credits: The Selby

What I really like about the Brooklyn homes is that they are warm, a little rustic, and a cultural melting pot. Despite an abstract, mismatched or even almost cluttered appearance, the interiors are also sleek, often with white walls ( or occasionally yellow or electric blue), opening up the small be brought to life by an array of colourful pieces.

I was a bit disappointed with the peaches geldof + co photos, as it was more of the people, than the actual interiors. Who I ...don't really care about, so it wasn't much use.

If I am in need of some extra decoration in either the living room or my bedroom (more likely my room, as the living room has plenty already) I'm thinking of finding some uniquely shaped second hand vases or bottles and painting over them in coordinating opaque colours. It's handy, because the different shapes make an interesting decoration, plus you can choose the colours to tie in with whatever colour scheme you've gone for.

Anyway, this was a post from two days ago that I had to finish off, so that I can move on for my post for today, so I'll wrap up here, with a San Fran pic.

Photo Credit: Leah

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