Saturday, May 22, 2010

resistance is futile

Once again, I should be studying. However, I think it is stupid to focus on drumming things in when I have all this energy wanting to pour ideas, questions, sound and images out.

I think you have to roll with things sometimes, or at least at first. I could do these sorts of things all day, so I have to stop and study at some point, but I think I should get a little bit out first.

Music is interesting. The concept of an album, is very interesting. Songs are very interesting.

I wouldn't make an album or anything, I'm just thinking about the idea of albums and songs being very interesting.

I know next to nothing about music, and largely abused my four years of childhood piano lessons, but I've been playing a lot more music lately.
I was playing The Scientist this afternoon, and afterwards I just kept playing the piano. Not a particular song, and as I'm kind of musically illiterate, there weren't notes that I was intentionally playing. I just hit the keys I thought I should hit, and tried to listen as I was playing and transfer my thoughts into how they would sound if they were played in notes.

I can't remember how to play any of it, but I set up GarageBand on my mac, and just hit record, and then kept playing as I thought and recollected.
I focused on the background rather than the bright orange flower, I'm not sure why. I spose the blurrier it is, the more it could represent something else, like the sun

The piece, if you can call it that, is very disconnected, there are lots of little mistakes and it has no particular constant theme or tune. It's quite long, it goes for about 500 measures, not sure how that converts into time. I just played what I felt like playing as I thought about events of the past twelve months, and the people involved.

Even for someone with scarce musical knowledge or trained skills, I felt so good afterwards. It was a really good form of self expression, especially as no one ever has to hear it. Playing music as I thought about things I was happy about, made me feel really happy to be able to put it into music. Likewise, frustrating or troubling things seemed to have more closure once I'd played them out.

Despite being of little value to anyone else, I think it would be interesting, perhaps for later reflection, if I played every couple of days or so. Kind of like a musical journal.

Hah. The musical journal of the musically illiterate.


I was also keeping a creativity journal that I would contribute to every day, but unfortunately it is lost amongst the rubble on my desk. It has 365 pages, so it is meant to record a year of something, but I've missed so many days now, I think it can be a years worth of ideas, spread out over longer than that.

A little while ago, I decided I was going to paint the two vertical panels on the back of my bedroom door, but couldn't come up with something I wanted to paint. I didn't want to paint a scene or a portrait, because it was too specific, but I wanted to do something more than general painted colours and shapes.

Myles had the brilliant idea of doing a mosaic, and I think I'll do just that. However, I think I'll do the mosaic on the front panels of my door. I'll make it as colourful as possible, and paint the rest of my door a fresh white to make the colours pop. I'll need to head to the hardware store on the holidays to find 2 pieces of wood to fit the panels, so I can mosaic out on the deck, and then stick the mosaic onto the panels. It's also less permanent that way.

simply because this picture has a lamppost, it reminds me of Narnia

Part one of the wall project is the simplest, but should be effective. I found a photo in a magazine of a girl standing with a polaroid camera in front of a wall covered in photos. On the largest space of wall, beside my bed, I'm going to cover the wall in the photos I got printed by Kodak, and have this larger A4 sized photograph slightly left of the middle.

I'll take a photo once I'm done.

I'm also very close to finishing collecting photos for my wall. Some images will go on my wall, others will go in an inspiration journal. Some photos give me ideas for stories or characters, so I like to keep them for a later date.

I'm a bit like a magpie in that way, that I'll sort through vast amounts of images, just to find something that inspires me, and I'll collect all these sorts of things somewhere for later reference.

I'm going to write a story one day, hopefully soon. That's all I've got to say on that for now.

Myles and I spent a while in this little bookshop the other day, and now I have the reading bug once again. The Picture of Dorian Gray is fantastic, I love the various often quoted Oscar Wilde musings throughout the book. I like it when it doesn't just have to focus on the plot, but has these little bite sized pieces to think about that relates to today.

There are so many books I want to read it's ridiculous. I'll have to write out a permanent reading list so I don't forget.

We've changed our idea for our film assignment, now we are doing our friend's band with his brothers.

I'm about to watch the Coco Chanel Movie, should be good.

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