Friday, April 23, 2010

whitley weather

things are pretty amazing right now.

i mean, i'm way behind on uni work, but that was to be expected.

I really can't wait for Sunday.
We're going to a disguise party, so i'm wearing a black bob wig, red lips and i'm not really sure what else. Maybe a trench, people in disguise often wear trenches. Will hopefully pick up something useful when we go for a walk through Paddington. I think I'm going to take some photos then.

I'll get the link for my attempt at a film tomorrow.

I really should do uni work, but I'm in a very distractible mood, made worse by the fact that I'm feeling really creative right now.

I remember when I saw you,
You were dancing, you were dancing,
I followed you to the next bar,
It was a long drive, it was a long drive,
I did not mind
I was taken by you,
I felt something, I felt something,
You did not mind you were taken by me,
We felt something, We felt Something.

Lately I've been feeling like this could last forever,
This could last forever.

I remember The black sky streaking
It was so cold, it was so cold,
You held my hand, and said you loved me,

I felt something, I felt something,
I remember six years,
It was a long time, it was a long time,
I did not mind I was taken by you,
I felt something, I felt something.

Lately I've been feeling like this could last forever,
This could last forever.
- Whitley

That's all :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here Comes the Sun...

Today is a very good day.

Despite yesterday during the day being quite stressful, discovering that my film assignment had been erased from my camera, and doing a quick reshoot, by last night, yesterday could also be considered very good.

I finished the film, although i hate the thirty second edit, because a lot of shots are extra short, to make it fit under the maximum time limit.

Things are just so much clearer today.

Vanity Fair is a fantastic magazine, and epitomises the journalism i want to emulate in my writing career. I've been tagging the best articles for later reference, when I feel that my writing sucks. Bit of a guide.

I've also started a reading list and a movies-to-watch list.

The current list stands at

A picture of Dorian Grey - started, still haven't finished.
Point Omega - Don DeLillo
The Passport - Herta Muller
I know where I'm going ( Katharine Hepburn Biography) - Charlotte Chandler

The lovely bones
16 candles
ferris buellers day off
dirty dancing
pretty woman
pretty in pink
love story
Goodbye, Colombus

as you may have guessed, there was an excellent article about John Hughes, in Vanity Fair, and one about Ali McGraw.

Monday, April 19, 2010

early nights do not agree with me...

Set my alarm for 5.30 am, so decided to be good and was in bed by ten, asleep by ten thirty.
A decent night's rest? Hells no.

After what I'm sure was a refreshing 2.5 hours sleep, I woke up at one a.m., and proceeded to wake up every 45 minutes after that till 4 a.m., where I lay unsuccessfully attempting to venture into the Land of Nod, till my alarm went off at five thirty.

Here's to hoping Red Bull is actually as effective as it claims to be. I'm here at uni for another thirteen hours, so I'll see how many my student budget can afford today.

I had one of their "shots" of guarana/Red Bull the other day before work, which was at 7pm, and I stayed awake till 4.30 a.m., so hopefully their original, diluted version is just as effective.

Moral of the story: Don't f*ck with your body clock, it will always win.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

true to form...

i was mistaken yesterday :) not everyone is a complete and utter d-bag. just a majority. there's a select few that break the mould.

My cousin looked absolutely gorgeous yesterday, if she lets me I'll post one of the pictures here. I really enjoyed doing it, blending the right colours
in the right places
with the right shapes
and the right lines.

I think I'm going to do more of that sort of stuff. Not sure who I'll practice on, but it's fun.

My neighbour told me this afternoon she'll give me all her Vanity Fair issues, because she said the quality of the articles from a journalistic perspective were really good, and as I also want to be a journalist or writer of some description, I might like them.

Just listening to Skinny Love by Bon Iver. I think I'm going to try and learn it on guitar.

I really like this picture, because it's not made-to-measure beautiful, like all those other sunset and sunrise pictures, with all the extreme colours. Those photos are so over done and over optimised that they lose their beauty, I think. I like this one because the grey buildings aren't special, but the sunrise is just starting to warm the city up.

New day, new light, new warmth, etc.
From cold and grey
the sun is creeping in
thawing out the greys into warm golds
It reminds me of when you are really cold, especially when you have cold hands or feet ( I always do), and you stand in the sun and you get that lovely warm up feeling like you are thawing out.

Things are warming up :)

just as an aside...

there is a reason people don't marry until they are over twenty five or so.
it's because up until then, everyone is more or less a complete and utter d-bag.

Friday, April 16, 2010

top of the morning to you

And it certainly is much brighter than it was last night.

I'm currently googling and looking through books for make up ideas, as I'm doing my cousin's formal make up this afternoon. I'm really excited to do it, because make up isn't a far cry from painting, and is somewhat creative.

She's wearing a silver dress and has beautiful pale skin, blue eyes and brown/blonde hair, so I'm going for make up like this:

Running with the fashion theme of today's post, I've decided that if I was
a) a celebrity
b) obnoxiously wealthy
c) in possession of a genie and granted 3 wishes
I would be wearing Marchesa.
Their dresses are just so beautiful, it's no wonder they are a red carpet hit despite only being founded six years ago. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig started the label fresh ou
t of Art College ( kudos) and named it after the eccentric European Socialite Marchesa Luisa Casati. Cool, no?

These are my favourites, a mix from Marchesa and Notte by Marchesa ready to wear found at and from the red carpet.

I love the dresses because they are feminine and glamourous, without being boring at all. I have little else to say other that I am in love, and will one day own something Marchesa.
Marchesa is also a favourite of Blake Lively, Sienna Miller and Diane Kruger, to name a few.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

a tisket, a tasket...

I'm quite restless this afternoon. I'm going to a party tonight where I have to dress to the theme "Country/Bogan" and apart from a pair of denim shorts, I don't have much in the way of a costume. I wonder if we have a cowboy hat. I know we have a sombrero. But not sure about the cowboy hat.
The sombrero is really, really cool though.

I've got a film assignment to shoot next week, and after weeks of having not a clue, I've suddenly had all these ideas for little 30 second silent films. Ridiculous! However, I'm choosing my original idea, which is the easiest. Pity it's also the lamest.

So I think if by some miraculous twist of fate I get free time, I'm going to play around with the camera and try and film the other two ideas too.

Speaking of cameras, I'm excited because my beautiful, lovely, creative friend Madeline and I are going to do some photography of some sort soon. I'm really excited to see what she comes up with, because she's kind of amazing.

I'm in the process of picking out art ( which of course is awesome pictures of art I will be printing, as there is no way I can afford actual art) and other pictures etc. for the walls of my bedroom. I'm also going to have a bunch of Oscar Wilde quotes somehow on the wall, because I think the man is a genius, albeit the most eccentric, antisocial bastard on the planet.

My final mini project which I am working on is a dress I intend to make one day. It could be a series of dresses if I possessed the time and the funds, but I think I'll try and make one first. I did home economics for a few years, however I'm tempted to just borrow my Nana's dress making doll thing, hope that I can adjust it to my size, and literally just cut and pin it around that.
I'm all for shortcuts.

It's going to be lilac.

My sketching has kind of gone to sh*t lately though, so there's not much in the way of that coming up.

So that's what's occupying my creative curiosity at the moment, I'll post pictures or links to anything that is actually accomplished. Don't hold your breath.

PS. If you're wondering, the picture is of an artist worshipping San Fran. I think it's kinda cool.

When I should really be sleeping...

I'll probably move to San Francisco one day, at least for an extended stay. But this isn't what this blog is about, at all.

I'm not going to try and define what this blog is about, other than anything that comes to mind until the day I jump into the unknown, a point that I hope will scare the absolute sh*t out of me, while being absolutely amazing.

I've got ideas of how this page will look, but it's a work in progress.

For a while there will probably be a picture of San Francisco in each post. I really like this one, despite the fact that traffic generally doesn't make a pleasing picture. The houses remind me of the painted houses in Movie World.

Now that I have successfully not clarified the content of this page in the slightest, I am going to go to bed as tomorrow morning will be an early one, and the next three nights a late one.


P.S. I saw Date Night Tonight. I'm glad it was a student discount night at the cinema's and that James Franco was in it. The End.