Friday, May 28, 2010

in brief

It's late and I have a busy weekend ahead, however I wanted to make a quick note here.

I want to make a creative project that is mine, from top to bottom. Creating creative pieces that come together as part of a creative whole, kind of like a babushka doll. A mini example is when I write a blog post, work out the layout including photographs, that I myself took.

I want to do something much bigger though.
I have a few ideas whirling around I'll jot down before I go to bed, but they aren't for this blog yet.

I finished writing a big creativity/journalism/Internet assignment today, had work tonight and just watched The September Issue, which was timely as I am shooting a documentary this weekend as part of a group project.

It's going to be really full on on Sunday, and I'll probably have to start scripting tomorrow in fact, because there is a huge amount to do for even a 3-5 minute magazine style interview piece.

I'm going to be the only member of the group on camera, as I'm interviewing, so I have to sort out everything I'm doing for that because I don't want to stuff up. I used to be quite camera shy, and still am to a degree, but I figure I'd better suck it up and use the practice, if I'm going to be a journalist, possibly working in television. So now, with a bit of mental prodding, I try and take opportunities given to me.
Up until today I had decided I wanted to work in news or investigative journalism, but after watching The September Issue, something more creative is also very appealing. Yet also very hard to achieve, I am aware. If I was going to work for a magazine though, I'd want to start in features and move into fashion, and then try and become a creative director or fashion editor, and then finally the editor. More big picture.

I'm also the group project manager or production manager or something of this film assignment, so I have a huge wad of blank paperwork beside me that I'm doing in the morning. Despite it being a lot of work, I'm really excited to put something together.

First though, I need an angle...

I also need to make a few various source books, I'd like hardcopies though, so far I've only got collections stored on my computer. But more on that later.

Finally, I really need to take some more photos because I am sick to death of the Paddington ones, even though I haven't put them all up yet.

I also want to finish Dorian Gray, reread a few things, read some more new things and watch a lot more movies. Despite my lecturer telling us that studying film would ruin it for us, I think I enjoy films more now. Probably because now I want to make my own, so other films are this fascinating source of ideas.

Oh, and a note on The September Issue and Anna Wintour; she clearly does an excellent job, and gets things to happen in a world of "creatives" which is no mean feat. It isn't easy to please the public, work with the business side of things and simultaneously the creative side of things and still come out on top. I don't think she was even that cold towards people, simply quiet but firm, and businesslike. She seemed friendly enough, and could obviously talk to people. Never believe hype.

Ok, I really need to go write down these ideas, goodnight.

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  1. hey,
    I am so glad you like my blog.

    I wish you good luck and success - what you do sounds so interesting and I guess some how it is like what I want to do.

    See you soon,
    Chloé :)