Sunday, May 23, 2010

the substation

I've completed one third of the photo wall, which is good, I might do another third of it tonight. I don't think I have enough photos to fill all four quarters of the wall along the length of my bed, so instead I will fill the top two quarters ( my wall space is divided by beading, they're old walls), and then the last section will be the top quarter above my bed, so the pictures wrap around the top half of my wall.

I can't keep off dust jacket attic at the moment, for pictures for my wall or for general inspiration.

I also actually did some of my assignment today, more so researching than writing ( this process should have taken place WEEKS ago, but better late than never). It's very interesting.

moments after i took this photo, a man popped out of this human sized cat door. I guess such large doors would be annoying to open.

I've also decided that as I have to expand my culinary repertoire beyond cakes and sweets (sad, but true) I'm going to make some more dinners. I'm making a list of recipes I'm going to try when I have the house to myself for a week. Dinner recipes hardly ever capture my attention or imagination, but tonight I have found that apart from the occasional dinner classic, such as chunky chicken and vegetable pie, I'm more interested in making more exotic and sometimes spicy food.

This will be interesting, as the farthest I've ever gotten with spicy food is Nandos Peri Peri chips and Peri sauce.

So far on the dinner list, i have:
creamy chicken korma
nepalese meatball curry
coconut fish curry
vegetarian paella
chicken and pumpkin curry

It's strange how taste develops.

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