Tuesday, May 11, 2010

we never learn...

Before i begin, this is not my winter clothing post at all. It's a work in progress. Maybe next time.

I should be in bed, I intended to have an early night and attempt to sleep off my mild sickness.

However, what started as an innocent flick through SPOOK and cream ( two excellent magazines i highly recommend), turned into a pressing need to use the interweb.

And here I am.

The above is a photo taken by my friend Leah, who has just visited San Fran. I think this is one of my favourite photos, I absolutely love it. I call it The Boat & The Bicycle.
Sounds like a name of a band or a collection or something.

I want to take more photos, ideally I'd like to carry a camera with me everywhere, but as mine is broken, I'd have to borrow my sisters and i don't think she'd let me.
Still, I'll try and strike up a deal with her some time...

I'd also kill to go to Sydney or Melbourne, or anywhere outside of Brisbane at the moment. I'll see where Dad is travelling to next, and start saving for an extra seat on the plane for me.

Oscar Wilde was right when he said that one living within one's means suffers from a lack of imagination.
It seems that now I have even the a feeble trickle of income, my plans have upgraded disproportionally.

Photo Credit: ~Orzz, http://Orzz.deviantart.com/art/dream-on-70380199

A girl can dream, right?

In the morning, I'm going to download the free tracks that cream is offering on their website at the moment.

I'm seeing a movie with my boyfriend on friday night, and i'm wondering if Alice in Wonderland is still out, I really should see it. I've heard the story isn't that great, but it's worth it for it's aesthetic value, if nothing else.

The other thing I'm interested in seeing is Tom Ford's The Single Man.

The all-important piece of wall is currently still in it's blank canvas phase, however if i get time tomorrow morning, and if my pay goes through tomorrow, I'll pile together my photos to be taken to a Kodak booth to be developed. Then i'll dive into deviantart and through magazines, and get a pile ready.

I really have to sleep.

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