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Yesterday was amazing (:

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a camera, so I missed out an approximately ten thousand photo opportunities, which I am totally kicking myself over.

After some shopping in the city, I met Myles (my boyfriend) and we went to GoMA, and saw the New Zealand Project. My favourites were the giant blow up rabbits, and a series of photographs that spanned almost two walls. The super dark rooms with films were practically a health and safety hazard (which I loved, because normally that sort of thing wouldn't be allowed), and would have made some good photos. The rest of it was okay, but I liked the most recent Asia Pacific Triennial exhibition way more.
This is one of the rabbits from the exhibition, I'm not sure where it was taken, I just found it on the internet.

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We also went up to the String Room, which in a few months I'll go back to, and definitely get some photos of, because it's awesome. That was really nice :)

For lunch we went to The Pancake Manor on Charlotte Street, and again I wish I had a camera there, because it's in a big old church, which I like because it's so different. The chocolate pancakes were amaaazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

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I absolutely failed at making dinner, which was spaghetti with pasta sauce. There was nothing wrong with it, but it was pretty boring.

Coincidentally, today at work the owners' family came in for a function. They are Italian, and brought along trays and trays of their own home made cakes and other dishes as well as eating from the restaurant. All the food looked divine, and really made me want to cook more.

The photo below is of an Italian sweetshop, but with the amount of food today, I may as well have been looking at a sweetshop. So tempted to eat some at work, but I resisted.

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I can actually cook main meals ( neither Myles nor my sister, Georgia, believe this), I just normally make desserts. However, I don't cook main meals or savoury food often, so I'm going to get into that a bit more.

When I'm in the right mood, I really like cooking, because it can feel a bit creative, depending on what you're making. Actually, cooking is creative, because the root of the word is "create"...which you are doing when you cook.

I'll head up to Paddington tomorrow though morning if it's a sunny day, and take some photos. When I was on the bus into the city yesterday, driving through Paddington and up to Caxton St, there are so many buildings that would make great pictures. I'm not a photographer, but I want to give it a go anyway. Besides, if I can take mildly pleasing photos of Brisbane, hopefully by the time I travel, I'll be able to take photos worth looking at afterwards.

When I was twelve, we went to New Zealand, and upon seeing the amazing scenery we took photos. However, straight on, unoriginal photos of rolling hills aren't very interesting to look at afterwards, and as memory fades the boring photographs aren't doing the countryside justice. Which, is a bit of a waste really.

This means in the posts to come I should have some of my own photos for a change, whether that be of Paddington, days out with Myles, any food I make ( that looks good) or my Room Project.

I've thought of an idea for my film project (doco/interview), we're going to interview travellers about their experiences with Australia, and any other odd travel experiences. Won't say too much more till it's confirmed with the others. Should be interesting though.
It's not groundbreaking, but I really hate trying to think of good ideas under pressure. This will do though. I'd really like to make some small films outside of uni though. Not sure what of.

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I've been learning Coldplay's The Scientist on piano tonight, and found a great website at, which has a heap of free sheet music. I've also saved Good Riddance by Greenday ( listed as Time of Your Life) and some others. Finding guitar tabs for these would also be great.

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