Thursday, April 15, 2010

When I should really be sleeping...

I'll probably move to San Francisco one day, at least for an extended stay. But this isn't what this blog is about, at all.

I'm not going to try and define what this blog is about, other than anything that comes to mind until the day I jump into the unknown, a point that I hope will scare the absolute sh*t out of me, while being absolutely amazing.

I've got ideas of how this page will look, but it's a work in progress.

For a while there will probably be a picture of San Francisco in each post. I really like this one, despite the fact that traffic generally doesn't make a pleasing picture. The houses remind me of the painted houses in Movie World.

Now that I have successfully not clarified the content of this page in the slightest, I am going to go to bed as tomorrow morning will be an early one, and the next three nights a late one.


P.S. I saw Date Night Tonight. I'm glad it was a student discount night at the cinema's and that James Franco was in it. The End.

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