Saturday, April 17, 2010

true to form...

i was mistaken yesterday :) not everyone is a complete and utter d-bag. just a majority. there's a select few that break the mould.

My cousin looked absolutely gorgeous yesterday, if she lets me I'll post one of the pictures here. I really enjoyed doing it, blending the right colours
in the right places
with the right shapes
and the right lines.

I think I'm going to do more of that sort of stuff. Not sure who I'll practice on, but it's fun.

My neighbour told me this afternoon she'll give me all her Vanity Fair issues, because she said the quality of the articles from a journalistic perspective were really good, and as I also want to be a journalist or writer of some description, I might like them.

Just listening to Skinny Love by Bon Iver. I think I'm going to try and learn it on guitar.

I really like this picture, because it's not made-to-measure beautiful, like all those other sunset and sunrise pictures, with all the extreme colours. Those photos are so over done and over optimised that they lose their beauty, I think. I like this one because the grey buildings aren't special, but the sunrise is just starting to warm the city up.

New day, new light, new warmth, etc.
From cold and grey
the sun is creeping in
thawing out the greys into warm golds
It reminds me of when you are really cold, especially when you have cold hands or feet ( I always do), and you stand in the sun and you get that lovely warm up feeling like you are thawing out.

Things are warming up :)

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