Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here Comes the Sun...

Today is a very good day.

Despite yesterday during the day being quite stressful, discovering that my film assignment had been erased from my camera, and doing a quick reshoot, by last night, yesterday could also be considered very good.

I finished the film, although i hate the thirty second edit, because a lot of shots are extra short, to make it fit under the maximum time limit.

Things are just so much clearer today.

Vanity Fair is a fantastic magazine, and epitomises the journalism i want to emulate in my writing career. I've been tagging the best articles for later reference, when I feel that my writing sucks. Bit of a guide.

I've also started a reading list and a movies-to-watch list.

The current list stands at

A picture of Dorian Grey - started, still haven't finished.
Point Omega - Don DeLillo
The Passport - Herta Muller
I know where I'm going ( Katharine Hepburn Biography) - Charlotte Chandler

The lovely bones
16 candles
ferris buellers day off
dirty dancing
pretty woman
pretty in pink
love story
Goodbye, Colombus

as you may have guessed, there was an excellent article about John Hughes, in Vanity Fair, and one about Ali McGraw.

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