Monday, April 19, 2010

early nights do not agree with me...

Set my alarm for 5.30 am, so decided to be good and was in bed by ten, asleep by ten thirty.
A decent night's rest? Hells no.

After what I'm sure was a refreshing 2.5 hours sleep, I woke up at one a.m., and proceeded to wake up every 45 minutes after that till 4 a.m., where I lay unsuccessfully attempting to venture into the Land of Nod, till my alarm went off at five thirty.

Here's to hoping Red Bull is actually as effective as it claims to be. I'm here at uni for another thirteen hours, so I'll see how many my student budget can afford today.

I had one of their "shots" of guarana/Red Bull the other day before work, which was at 7pm, and I stayed awake till 4.30 a.m., so hopefully their original, diluted version is just as effective.

Moral of the story: Don't f*ck with your body clock, it will always win.

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