Thursday, April 15, 2010

a tisket, a tasket...

I'm quite restless this afternoon. I'm going to a party tonight where I have to dress to the theme "Country/Bogan" and apart from a pair of denim shorts, I don't have much in the way of a costume. I wonder if we have a cowboy hat. I know we have a sombrero. But not sure about the cowboy hat.
The sombrero is really, really cool though.

I've got a film assignment to shoot next week, and after weeks of having not a clue, I've suddenly had all these ideas for little 30 second silent films. Ridiculous! However, I'm choosing my original idea, which is the easiest. Pity it's also the lamest.

So I think if by some miraculous twist of fate I get free time, I'm going to play around with the camera and try and film the other two ideas too.

Speaking of cameras, I'm excited because my beautiful, lovely, creative friend Madeline and I are going to do some photography of some sort soon. I'm really excited to see what she comes up with, because she's kind of amazing.

I'm in the process of picking out art ( which of course is awesome pictures of art I will be printing, as there is no way I can afford actual art) and other pictures etc. for the walls of my bedroom. I'm also going to have a bunch of Oscar Wilde quotes somehow on the wall, because I think the man is a genius, albeit the most eccentric, antisocial bastard on the planet.

My final mini project which I am working on is a dress I intend to make one day. It could be a series of dresses if I possessed the time and the funds, but I think I'll try and make one first. I did home economics for a few years, however I'm tempted to just borrow my Nana's dress making doll thing, hope that I can adjust it to my size, and literally just cut and pin it around that.
I'm all for shortcuts.

It's going to be lilac.

My sketching has kind of gone to sh*t lately though, so there's not much in the way of that coming up.

So that's what's occupying my creative curiosity at the moment, I'll post pictures or links to anything that is actually accomplished. Don't hold your breath.

PS. If you're wondering, the picture is of an artist worshipping San Fran. I think it's kinda cool.

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