Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sayonara Skinny Jeans

Dear Skinny Jeans,

I'm filing for divorce. We've grown apart. Unreconcilable differences, even.
The spark has gone, that's for sure.

Perhaps we just need a break - our relationship has been nothing if not intense. Yes, I think a long break will be the best thing.

You've helped drain my bank account, so naturally, once I'm financially on my feet again, I'll be moving on.


Skinny jeans are no longer a fashion statement. "Not everything has to be a fashion statement, you consumerist monster!" I hear you cry. I know, I know. God knows I don't have the bank account to be a consumerist monster, even if I wanted to. Basics are always appreciated and have an everlasting pivotal role in our wardrobes.

However, skinny jeans remain to sneak into outfits unnoticed, digging in their skin suffocating claws and dragging a fresh, dare I say different, outfit back down to the realms of 2006.
It is currently near impossible to look at all different in skinny jeans.

I'm sick of the same shape on every man, woman and child. I don't even care that boyfriend jeans or jeans of a shorter length aren't as svelte or "sexy." But don't try and tell me skinny jeans are popular because they are the most figure flattering, because we've all just succumbed to the illusion that they are, simply because they reveal our figures. That doesn't mean flattering. We've just been wined and dined by social proof and have dutifully fallen under its charming spell - once you see something enough, and with enough popular support - anything is a good idea.

I'm just being fickle, I know. I'll keep mine, and bring them out and use them when I need a dependable basic. For example, they work so well in the pictures on my Clogs post - because they are being a great basic. I'm not throwing them out, or trying to drive consumerism to mad extremes.
But everything has its rightful place. And skinny jeans have had their share of the limelight.

They've been milked for all they're worth and regardless of what pattern or texture or adornment designers may desperately try to use to freshen them up - they're spent. They've been done.
For now, at least.

So, I'm just calling for a change in my wardrobe.

Drumroll please...

A pair of chino's has just usurped "large black tote bag" for the top spot on my shopping list.

What in God's name is a pair of chinos, you say?

In lay terms, they look like trousers that are rolled up to just above the ankles.
In fashion terms, they are so much more than that.

Historically speaking, the humble chinos were used in the 1800s as part of British and French military uniforms, but did not gain popularity until the 1900s when U.S. soldiers returned home, bringing their "chino" pants with them and wearing them during civilian life - especially at college.
"Chino" is Spanish for "China" which is where these pants were originally made ( and let's face it, are probably still where the pair you'll buy today are also from).
They were sold in military stores for only a few dollars in the states, and were soon picked up by artists, style mavens and jazz musicians alike (Scharf,2010).

If you're still not convinced, at least take solace in that with their historical origins they fit comfortable into the modern military twist on fashion.

The iconic chinos are far more comfortable than skin suffocating skinny jeans, but balance their relaxed fit with a firmer fabric than leggings. Hence, with the right ensemble, they can be worn to almost any occasion (or, at least more than skinny jeans or leggings combined). Which explains their enormous popularity with both men and women this season, no?

They vary from draping, luxurious fabrics in a loose fit, to the slim fitting firmer fabrics and personally, I prefer the latter. As a matter of personal choice, I think the well fitting chinos are fun and summery, and a little more figure flattering.

On the flipside, loose fitting chinos are more temperature savvy in summer.
Throw caution to the wind and try both! You can't go wrong with chinos ( and a healthy dose of style common sense, but I have faith in you)!
As you've noticed, I'm fairly black and white, so there is no middle ground, in my books.

I'm picky when it comes to particular seasonal items - I still haven't found my ideal pair of boots, although I'm getting warmer. Unfortunately, so is the weather, so it might be a hunt that spans a few seasons. They'll be so much more rewarding when I do find them though.
I always have exactly what I want in mind - without those nuances nutted out, how else can I make sure what I get will go with everything else?

Naturally, chinos are no different. I don't want chinos like these, because I don't think they are particularly inspiring. I'm not saying their bad, but I'm just sharing my bias with you. These are the middle ground I was referring to earlier.

Back to happy chinos.
They may not make your legs look as long as skinny jeans, but who cares? Skinny's have been done to death. TO. DEATH.
Besides, chinos show off some ankle, how risque.
P.S. They are not to be confused with capris, we aren't quite there yet.

They look tres chic with flats, very cool brittania with boaters and so big apple with brogues. You can't wear espadrilles with skinny jeans, thats for sure. What other pair of pants let your footwear shine this much? The trick is in the bare ankles, I'm telling you!

I want a whole let less of this:

What else says relaxed chic like a pair of silk khaki chinos and chunky sandal heels? Gold jewellery, goddess hair and you're set like a jelly.

I'll admit, I'm a fan of the ankle-baring pants in general these days, after trying on a pair of peach chinos and relaxed fit jeans that, like the chinos, finish juust about the ankle. So. Keen.

Skinny who?

Please and thankyou to and garance dore for the images (some have been cropped and resized)

I'd love to know what you think, so please comment and let me know what your feelings are about skinny jeans and new season pants!

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  1. hey!! Finally I have the time to stop by you!!

    So - I think you're actually right about skinny jeans. Although I think I will still have to wear them they kind of are what ever single person wears...hmm...well I don't know. I mean I still think they CAN look nice and all but you're right - it's not very individual.
    Now to the chinos - I love those so much. Ozéan and I wanted to buy a pair in Paris at American Apparel because they have really nice ones but once again our portemonnaies chickened out xD
    But they are really beautfiul and I love how you "explained " them so detailed :)

    So I have to go now.
    But first I'll see what I missed over here :)

    Lots of love,