Monday, July 26, 2010


I was in the shower (where I do all my thinking) when it struck me. Why can't we do it all?

Why do we only study or become an apprentice with one goal in mind? Why do we narrow our vision like a horse wearing blinkers, forced only to consider the track ahead.

We only have one life. That does not mean we can have only one passion that we make our reality?

There is of course the argument for focus leading to greater efficiency at reaching a goal.
I think limiting our dreams is dull, because we just limit ourselves.

What isn't efficient or effective or worthwhile about the fruition of so many other talents, opportunities and experiences?

I love writing, but that doesn't mean that I don't love

make up

interior design

and so many other arts.

I love helping people and I enjoy teaching.
I enjoy self expression and communication in so many mediums, it's bizarre that i channel 90% of my conscious efforts towards one goal.

Lack of focus or decisiveness is in my nature, I'm told. But what if I just like a lot of things?
Why is having a wide range of interests subjected to the connotations with the use of phrases and words like " lack of focus " and " indecisiveness" which just makes it a negative trait?

It's all " the man's "doing!!!

Just kidding.
Moving along...

I am doing a double degree, so that I will end up with a degree in Creative Industries (journalism major) and a degree in Business.

I chose this as the business degree is intended to give practicality to the expressions of creativity. But why limit my creativity to only writing?

I challenge myself and I challenge you, to challenge your traditional notion of a career or your motive for studying.

To give time to the side projects that you relegate to whimsical passions that have no real value. I'll attempt to do the same, between studying, and post any results.

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I should have known this was an Oscar quote when I fell in love with it. The man is an unparalled genius.


  1. The shower, so that's where you find all your great ideas and plans :)

  2. Hahaha yes, now you know my secret :)