Friday, July 9, 2010

Clip Clop Clogs

Clogs. They're certainly demanding attention, if nothing else. The humble clog has had some pretty bad rap, previously carrying a fashion stigma similiar to the ever hideous crocs. However, when Karl Lagerfeld sent clogs down the runway, the idea caught fast.

In my opinion, the only okay clogs are clogs with a heel and only with certain kinds of outfits. I can't remember where, but recently I saw a picture of some actress wearing clogs with a bright coloured swooshy skirt and a peasant blouse, and the bright colours and flimsy material looked a little too Dutch peasant. Like, the reason people don't like clogs.

However, they've worked their way into some surprising ensembles and definitely come out on top.

I'm already a fan of the faded denim/chambray shirt, and clogs fit in surprisingly well with this relaxed look I think.

I think the trick with clogs is that you have to treat them as a statement - as you would an exceptionally bright colour or mix of colours.
So, that in mind, they don't need a brightly coloured ensemble to bring them out. In the words of Coco Chanel, elegance is refusal, people.

So let's not get too nutsy.

I call this the polished/sophisticated clog. It's actually a really chic outfit. Of course, copious amounts of Chanel always helps, but all the same.

Finally, the flirty clog. Yes, I said it. No, i'm not flirting talking about wearing clogs, red headscarf and a peasant skirt while flirting using a generous hunk of Gouda as your main weapon of seduction. Not at all. Clogs have just proven they can seamlessly fit into a flirty evening outfit. I'm floored. I also think women like them because, just like super huge IT bags, such a huge chunky shoe makes your legs look skinnier in comparison. Crafty, crafty clogs.

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So, what do you think? Yay or Nay?


  1. Ok.. you have some serious great taste in fashion
    love the denim and denim, your clogs is to die for...
    and your Chanel bag is divine..


  2. Haha, none of these are mine, just pictures i found and like....wish they were mine!

    Thank you for your comment though :) have a nice day!

  3. not for me but great on those girls! Great post!


  4. Most of my shoes have wooden heels so I'm a real clog fan! Love these outfits! You're a great writer, loving your blog!

  5. Thanks for the comment!
    Yeah im from Iceland but am living in London..
    You should def visit Iceland, over the summer! Or in the winter to see the northern lights.
    Have a good summer