Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweet little somethings

I am bursting at the seams with excitement for summer, and all things sweet. Heartbreakingly, iPhoto isn't opening on my mac, so until I get it fixed I can't put up all the beautiful gelato colours featuring in the summer fashion shows, however hopefully it will be fixed soon.

This summer I'm looking for pretty colours from sweet gelato colours shades to vibrant, jewel tones. I'm also trying to replace most black with navy, just because it suits my colouring and the season better.
These are all from Dotti, which means they are cute and affordable. I adore this top dress, and I'll be wearing it to the Valentino evening showing. My former highschool, which my sister still attends, is booking the Valentino showcase at GoMA for an evening, so it will be a bit of an event. I've got red shoes, and am planning to wear redlipstick, minimal jewellery, and have my hair in soft waves with a deep side part. I can't wait! I love Valentino, and it's so exciting that Brisbane is the only city in Australia it is showing.

It's part of Brisbane's new direction of becoming known for it's fashion and style, which is really exciting. I'm actually doing a case study of the exhibition for my creative industries assignment, so it's a great excuse to read all about it.

I also really love the dress because it's a soft white, looks like the top layer is sheer fabric, with a definite nod to Herve Leger's body con bandage dresses, of which I am an undying fan.

You may have noticed two pairs of skinny jeans in this post, despite my declaration that I didn't like them anymore. To be honest, I probably wouldn't buy the lightest ones, since winter is almost over, but I think they'd work really well with the other pieces shown.

The high waisted ones are in there because I really wanted to try high waist skinnys, because I think with the right outfit they'd stand out more from the sea of low-rise skinnys.

I think the soft pink lace dress would really shine as part of a 20's inspired ensemble, and I really love the black bustier.

Before my iPhoto died, I'd made an album of all the photos I'd collected that had a boudoir kind of feel to them, and was about to post them, but got busy with uni. I hope I can recover the photos!!!

The last dress was my second choice for Valentino, but I couldn't go past the first one, which I think suits the occasion more.

Sportsgirl also has some amazing summer pieces, however I can't save the photos from the site, so unfortunately I can't share them here.

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