Monday, July 5, 2010

morning sunshine

I woke up unusually early this morning, and as I was lying in bed I was deep in thought about things that I have to do today or this week. I also assumed I was listening to the morning noises, as I noticed how different and peaceful it is at this time of morning.

Interestingly enough, it wasn't until the garbage truck outside my bedroom pulled away, grumbling machinery, blaring orange lights and all, that I realised I'd been looking at it - or looking straight through it. My eyes were looking straight at it and heard it, but I didn't even realise. Looked, but not seen. Heard, but not listened.

Which makes me wonder how many other things in life that are right in front of me, that I simply don't notice, because its presence I am accustomed to. And I'm talking about things a little more significant than garbage trucks.

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I realise I promised Carnarvon pics, but they are on Dad's computer and I can't find my USB. But I'll look for the little fella today, and then share the best ones up here :) I've got the inspiration pics ready to go, but I'll be keeping it short and sweet this morning, because I'm going to make Mum a morning hot chocolate, because she's feeling a bit under the weather and has been working really hard lately.

Have a nice day, nothing else important to note at all. Nothing else significant. Oh, except
a big


It is Maddy's 18th birthday today, and if she lets me I'm going to post my favourite picture of her on here, in her b'day honour.

Maddy I hope you have a brilliant, amazing day and thank you for being such a beautiful friend. Also, here is the translation of the happy birthday wall post that was in Icelandic ( the translator I used doesn't even retranslate it's own stuff right)

Happy Birthday Dearest!
The full birthday card will be coming soon, but in the mean while, best birthday wishes and I had better be seeing you very soon! ( Reply to my message mole)

Love Gen

Haha, how different is that to what the translator tells you. I googled "disgustingly huge birthday cake", but nothing good came up, so I made one

Here's your cake, I dropped it off at your house last night, but it wasn't there this morning. I did see Michael come out with a knife and fork though...

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  1. hey there!!
    thanks so much for your comment:)
    and first I wanted to paint something on the board as well but I found thoses pictures sponteaneously and well so this evolved:)

    But I think it is a good thing to do things by yourself in general ! AND look at the small things in life or the ones you take for granted too much once in a while !

    it's good!:)

    so see you;)