Monday, July 26, 2010

Morning sunshine

I apologise for my apparent abandonment of blogging, I've had little inspiration to write lately. Until today.

Uni has just started back, and comparing last semester to this semester I feel like I have woken up.
I feel energised and aware, I have plans, more ideas and am actively engaging in the world around me. I've also had a quiet period of thinking to decide upon the things I change and how I need to do so. Every now and then I just need a break from all usual routine, blogging included.

I have a lot more direction now, and have also had a think about the different people in my life. Anyway, enough of my idle chatter, I'm just going to share some of the things that I find inspiring, interesting or otherwise.

Images from Vogue, Sportsgirl, MinkPink, Novo, French Connection. If a picture is incorrectly referenced etc, let me know

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  1. Beautiful photos..
    loving what those girls are wearing..