Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Letters

Dear 1am,
Why must you be so much fun? My brain is so awake, but it is time for sleep :(

Dear lilac scarf,
i love you to death, and I never thought I'd even like a scarf. It's amazing how much warmer you keep me.

Dear Kmart beanie with pom pom,
I'm coming back for you , don't worry.

Dear Myles,
thanks for being so patient and so lovely and better than I could ever ask for. Thank you for liking me :)

Dear Me,
Please take better care of yourself.

Dear Mum,
thanks for the flannelette sheets, they're the bomb

Dear sister,
you are truly talented, you'll do big things kiddo.

Dear Dan Brown,
I know Digital Fortress is Myle's favourite, but I like the Da Vinci Code better. I like more arts and history to modern technological warfare. Just sayin'.

Dear Vanity Fair,
thank you for inspiring me to be a better journalist. One day hopefully my writing will be of your journalists calibre

Dear Kevin Rudd,
I don't think anyone should be treated how you were today.

Dear Blank A4 sketch books,
Why are you so alluring? I can never have enough of you!

Dear Fish oil tablets,
Where did you go? I'm tired of playing hide and seek with you, and I've already checked your usual hang outs.

Dear Ducchess,
you look so pretty all cleared off. Sorry for covering you with crap. I'll try and find some lilac paint soon to touch up your paint work.

Dear Readers,
I realise these pictures are too few and far between, and aren't really fitting with the post. I'll find better ones tomorrow.

Dear Gen,
Go. To. Bed.

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  1. Dear Gen,
    This post was great, very readable and enjoyable. Don't be worried, you are too special to be treated like that.