Friday, June 11, 2010

alive and kicking

I am feeling really re-energised right now, I've just found a whole stack of great blogs to follow, filled with fun, inspiring content that has sent my imagination back to it's usual state of over-excited productivity and dreamings. It has the excitement of a kid in a candy shop, with the energy of a kid who just ate the entire candy shop.

Between finding all these great new blogs, I've been designing a little collection, and I really hope I finish this one. Well, it's actually two. Or a split collection. I think they'd be workable in the same wardrobe, and have a similiar wearer in mind. I have six weeks off uni, thanks to finishing exam block two weeks early, so I want to finish the drawings and make at least one of the dresses.

I'd love to get my hands on a dress makers dummy, but at this stage it is looking like I'm going to have to find patterns and then adapt them.

God a dressmakers dummy would be fun though.

Without further ado, I'll introduce the things I am most excited about inspiration wise at the moment :

Steph Chard's artwork

I won't post a picture here, as that is probably a breach of copyright or something, but you can find her work on Facebook, if you search Steph Chard. This is my favourite out of all of her work :!/photo.php?pid=7949130&id=235828000163&fbid=235841135163

I love seeing modern artwork based so heavily on illustration, which (unless technology has just got even more crafty) looks like it was drawn by hand, at least at some stage. It shows such talent, and such time and effort put into becoming that good.
This one is so beautiful because of the way there is so much colour used, yet it's not a particularly "bright" image.

I used to draw a lot, and while being no where NEAR as good ( as in, lightyears away from her standard) as Steph, the illustration really resonates with me.

The next three videos I found on, among other things, which is now one of my favourite blogs.

Hopefully she doesn't mind me also embedding some of the videos she put on her blog, but they are just so fantastic I can't not line them all up! Seriously though, visit her blog, I'm yet to read a post I don't like.

My beautiful friend Maddy and I have had a plan since about year 11, to run away to Iceland, and have since become obsessed with the country. When I was cleaning out my desk today, I found the 16th birthday card she gave me, and the attached print out of Iceland information, which she had annotated with witty comments. And then I found this video! Iceland is awesome.

As this video proves, for damn good reason.

You have no idea how excited I am that I just embedded that video and it seems to be working.

The next one is really cute, and I love it to bits.

I'd never heard of The Girls With Glasses, but I'm looking it up now to try and find one of their shows on Vimeo. Both girls have been wearing glasses since primary school, as have I, yet the difference between them and me is that they are proud to wear them , and pull them off really well :) So far... I'm still not a fan of my glasses, but I am working on it. Just a silly hangup I've got to get over... I've had almost eleven years! haha

Finally, one that really sets off my wanderlust is Where the Hell is Matt. He goes around the world, dancing badly and getting the locals to join in with him. A shout out to Myles, if this guy can dance, so can you :), so next time I'm dancing around my living room, join in with me:) The guy in the video is by all dancing standards terrible, but I love it! And by the looks of it, so do a lot of others! I love his lack of inhibitions.

Anyway, that is all for tonight as it's 2:02 A.M and I am getting up at 6:30 to go to the farmer's markets with my dad and sister, followed by an 18th bbq, then another 18th tonight. It's going to be a big day, so sleep would be helpful.

Next time, I'm going to share a little more of what really inspires me, my wanderlist and my bucket list that is still a work in progress.

Oh, and another gift from the, which is a link to this site with heaps of free downloads of classes, like Psych, languages, history etc. So more on that later.

Yes, I'm a nerd. A very very excited nerd.

P.S. Sorry the fonts and colours and sizes are all over the shop, sometimes it does this, and it's a pain to fix

image via Lake Jane


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  2. Thank you very very much for your comment!!!

    I like to read your blook very much because it's written like a real diary and I totally understand your feelings about finding new blogs. It's the same with me I'm always excited about it.

  3. eeeks! Thanks for all the love lady! I'm so glad my humble little blog has been able to inspire you. :)

  4. hey, I'm totally in love with your new layout.

    Also I like how you manage to write so long posts but keep it interesting you know. I always have the feeling of my posts being so unbelievably boring but yours are always like diary entries and I love that!!

    Loads of love,
    make sure to stop by soon:)