Monday, May 16, 2011

a return

I always wonder what drives me to blog.

Why I started again, why I stopped or why I started in the first place. I like that it can be a visual diary for my mind. It slows down those moments in time filled with those thoughts and teases them out. There is a myriad of things going on around me and blogging helps me to sit and think about things. It also captures all those thoughts; intriguing, inane, insane or whatever they may be and stores them for me.

As tempting as it was to start yet another blog afresh I’ve come back to this original one because it has been the most honest reflection of myself and my thoughts. Through my various phases of passionate interests occasionally blogs have sprung up along the way, but part of the challenge and the charm of living, or perhaps it is just my erratic personality, is that I can’t be just one thing too long. This blog has a freedom to it, with no rules.

It started as an ode to San Francisco, a love letter if you like. Each post about whatever was happening in my world was accompanied by a photo of the city I had fallen in love with, without ever setting foot in. It is where the name “Until the Day I Run Away” came from. It was until I left to discover San Francisco for myself.

It evolved into photographs as I fell in love with photography and I began capturing images of all things great and small.

And so on it evolved and changed.

Today it’s a place to linger, to tease out those thoughts swirling around my head before they disappear into the whirlpool of thoughts that clutter my mind.

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