Friday, August 20, 2010

smells like summer

As soon as I get my eager little feet heading towards the shops, I'll be looking for :
- black ballet flats - because they're a staple, plus I need them for work
- either summery ballet flats or sandals - because i have worn out my pair of sandals and 2 pairs of flats - i've only got winter boots left!
- SUNGLASSES. Because I'm going to get a melanoma otherwise
- tinted spf 30 + moisturiser
- hats hats glorious hats. Straw trilby, black bowler, floppy straw sun hat, what's not to love?
- seafolly bikini top

Oh Summer, get in my life!

The non-neccessities are
- light coloured uni tote ( because black bags are better for winter)
- this bright peacock feather painted wallet
- Maybe that woven clutch if i'm good. But probably not yet.


1 comment:

  1. i totally just went and bought a light coloured uni bag to replace my black winter one! great minds think alike :) xx