Wednesday, June 8, 2011

le beaux livres

Or in English, "The Beautiful Books." I thought this was a fitting title for today's post as my blog has recently been renamed "le beau livre", therefore the same meaning only in singular form.

The reason behind the new name is because I had this sudden inspiration to create a book where I stuck all words and images beautiful. I then realised that this was what I attempted to do with my blog anyway, so my blog is my "beau livre" in a more modern format.

Today, as it happened I bought three beautiful books.
F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Beautiful & The Damned"
and "This Side of Paradise"
and Gustave Flaubret's "Madame Bovary."

Both F. Scott Fitzgerald books have beautiful covers and delightful chapter titles like
"Portrait of a Siren", "The Connoisseur of Kisses", "The Radiant Hour," "The Broken Lute" and my favourite trio, "A Matter of Civilization," "A Matter of Aesthetics" and "No Matter!" in The Beautiful and the Damned.

In This Side of Paradise some of my favourite chapter titles fall under Book One: The romantic Egotists and include "Spires & Gargoyles", and "Narcissist off -duty" and in Book Two: The Education of a Personage my favourite is "Experiments in Convaescence"

This adds to my current reading list:

James Franco's confronting, raw and at times disturbing "Palo Alto"
Ayn Rand's thought provoking "The Fountainhead"
Hilary Thayer Hammans "Anthropology of An American Girl"
D.H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover
a Parisian style guide by Ines de la Fressange.

How I would love to have time to be a bookworm again. I'll do my best!

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